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World History

Classroom Expectations


All students are expected to complete class work, monthly projects and tests to receive a contract. Students are expected to behave in a professional manner. Students are responsible for completing assignments in a timely manner. Many students succeed in this class when they follow the classroom rules and procedures.




The following sections are covered:


  1. Ancient World
  2. Revolution and Enlightenment
  3. French Revolution and Napoleon
  4. Industrialization and Nationalism
  5. Mass Society and Democracy
  6. Imperialism
  7. East Asia 1800-1914
  8. World War I
  9. The West 1919-1939
  10. Nationalism 1919-1939
  11. World War II
  12. Cold War
  13. Latin America 1945-Present
  14. Africa and Middle East 1945-Present
  15. Asia and the Pacific 1945-Present


Mr. Barishman


You may contact me at Metropolitan High School

(213) 623-4273