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Art Production Gallery

Scratch Art- Etching
Scratch Art- Etching

The Bowl of Vegetables and Fruit Still Life

Students began this still life by studying their vegetable/ fruit composition and sketching it out with great care.  Next, students began to paint their 18"x24" paper using watercolor paints utilizing only the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue.  Any other color seen on their compositions students carefully mixed from the primaries.


Fake Food

Anyone feeling hungry?  i know our Art class was when we were working on the fake food project.  Metropolitan High School is located next to Little Tokyo.  Students have often noticed when traveling through Little Tokyo that many of the little restaurants often display tasty "Fake" examples of the food they have on menu in their front windows..  This influenced us to take the journey of creating our own fake food!  Students worked with molding wires, papers, clay, acrylics, and glaze to create this beautiful and appetizing work!


Positive and Negative Space Unit

Students have been learning how to design their art composition with good use of positive and negative space.  In the first project shown below, we studied the art of different cultures including Native American, African, Mayan, Aztec, and ancient Chinese.  All used sculpture in different ways to reflect what their society was all about.  Students then designed a totem poles that expressed their own story of who they are.  They needed to show good use of balance, pattern, and positive/ negative space.  When the finished individual totem poles were placed together, they made a stunning tapestesty that reflects the diversity of our art class!  


To begin our unit of positive and negative space, we viewed art by many artist including MC Escher and Victor Vasarely.  Students then worked through the task of planning out their grid design and using construction cut outs to develop a compositional study on positive and negative space.  You can see some of their results below.  


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