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Digital Imaging 1AB / 2AB

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About Digital Imaging 1AB/ 2AB Class

Welcome to Digital Imaging.  I bring my passion and love for digital media, communication art, and graphic design to these classes.  My prior practical experience of working as a graphic designer, senior product manager, and toy designer with various companies in the advertising and product development industries in Los Angeles has given me the opportunity to design my classes using LAUSD and California State Visual Arts Standards in a way that will prepare students for future college training and job preparation in the computer arts industry.  Digital Imaging classes teach students to become visual thinkers and express themselves through digital art communication.  Students are expected to come to class ready to learn and ready to work. 

In our class, students develop graphic problem solving skills through their use and understanding of the elements and principles of design.  Through project-based activities, students will explore the history of graphic design and digital media.  They will develop drawing skills in both traditional and contemporary media, good use of color theory, and a solid understanding of layout and design.  Great emphasis is put on preparation for careers in digital media and graphic arts as well as future college education.  Students will gain practical knowledge and comprehensive skills that will allow them to feel comfortable creating communication art in programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and Adobe In Design. 

Student Objectives

- Students will become proficient in their ability to create digital illustration, photo manipulation, graphic layout, and good use of typography.

- Create original works of art of increasing complexity and with increased skill using graphic arts software. 

- Projects will promote students to explore a variety of visual arts media and techniques.

- Develop design solutions using the elements and principles of art. 

- Develop digital imaging skills that translate to careers in the fields of arts, media, and communication.

- Describe and critique visual works of art using artistic academic vocabulary.

- Discuss and describe various purposes for creating visual images using contemporary technologies.

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